Sun People Dry Goods Co.

Sun People Dry Goods Co. is a local retailer reviving the mom-&-pop concept in a sustainable goods store. Innovative products empower customers to be part of their own environmental change. This simpler lifestyle approach extends to supporting the local economy and educating consumers on best practices.


Seve7n Design developed a logo that is immediately welcoming and dynamic. The vibrant “O” becomes the center sphere that connects and grows into the community of letterforms – symbolic of the earth, a face, a seed and the sun. The radiating sun rays add a touch of nostalgia to the logo while also reinforcing the company name.


The website manages to deliver multiple levels of content – shopping, classes, blog and global nav details in a way that maintains the clear and direct spirit of this eco-conscious client.


Sun People Dry Goods Co. WebsiteSun People Dry Goods Co. Logo

Sunshine Dollars

Sunshine Dollars