Riverfront Park

Seve7n worked with the City of Spokane to develop branding and master plan campaign concepts. The master plan brand engaged and educated the community, resulting in the passing of the $64.3 million bond to rehabilitate Riverfront Park.


In order to embrace the multi-dimensionality of the park, the core brand identity promotes Riverfront as ‘A central place of pride and community’. Circular and connecting conceptual elements play a strong role in the design concepts —everything connecting, revolving, meeting at this place —celebrating heritage and the river, celebrating each other, connecting to nature and festivities.


The graphic elements of the logo can be modified to create a number of patterns to use throughout the park. Emotive phrases are built around the identity engage residents in a playful way – ‘Love Your Falls’, ‘Live Around Beauty’.



Riverfront Bond Campaign Outreach Materials


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